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Monarch - Office 365 Overview

Integrating Office 365 with Monarch allows you to essentially work from one calendar as the two systems will begin sharing Activities and Calendar Events which helps you to save time from double entry, maximize your time without double booking, and maybe even keep you off of your boss’s radar by increasing the number of naturally tracked activities. Couple this with the ability to send Emails from within Monarch and you have one well-oiled engine for sales transparency!


  • When an activity is created with a contact in Monarch, then only an activity is added as an Event in Office 365, but not the attendee.
  • When an event is created in Office 365 with an attendee, then the activity is created in Monarch and an attendee/contact is added into the activity only if their email exists in Monarch.
  • Private events in Office 365 are not created in Monarch. If events are later marked as private they will be removed from Monarch.
  • Adding, removing, and updating contacts in Monarch does not sync with Office 365.
  • Adding, removing, and updating attendees in Office 365 are always sync'd to Monarch only if their email exists in Monarch.
  • When updating a subject of the event in Monarch, the subject of the event on Office 365 is also updated.
  • When creating an event in Office 365, the subsequent activity added to Monarch is set to a pre-defined activity type associated with any/all activities brought over from Office 365.
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