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Monarch - Digital Account Manager Workflow - AE Perspective - (Customized)


As an Account Executive, you will need to understand how Matrix provides visibility into the digital revenue that is being sold to your accounts by Digital Account Managers, and how to navigate the Digital Account Manager workflow in the system.

Managing Visibility

Within Matrix, you have access to both your revenue, and the Digital Revenue sold by Account Managers. Therefore, it is important to understand how to use the filter options to expand or consolidate your visibility as needed.

What separates account manager revenue from your revenue?

Even though you are not selling digitally after the initial sale, all current/future digital revenue for accounts that you bring on will be allocated to you as the salesperson. This provides you with visibility into this revenue after an account manager takes over.

Matrix has created a new Office grouping titled Digital Account Managers, which includes individual offices for each account manager, to ensure you can differentiate between your revenue and dollars sold to your clients after handed to an account manager.

As an account executive, you now have access to the account manager offices, and can filter them ON to include account manager digital revenue in your view, or OFF to ensure you are only seeing your revenue.

Below are three primary areas where you should understand and use these filters:

Sales Outlook Data Card

  • Filtering the Digital Account Manager offices OUT of this view will remove any digital revenue currently owned by an account manager.
  • Filtering to JUST the Digital Account Manager offices will show your accounts and revenue being managed by an account manager for the time frame selected.
  • Including ALL offices in your view will provide you with a full picture of both broadcast and digital revenue sold to your clients.

Deals Dashboard

  • Filtering the Digital Account Manager offices OUT will narrow down your view to show just the deals you’re managing.
  • Filtering to JUST the Digital Account Managers' offices will show active deals being worked by an account manager after transitioning from you.

Account List

  • By default, all accounts will show up on your list, but you can filter to just see the account manager offices if you’d like to view which accounts currently are being managed by an Account Manager.

Creating Deals

Since you have access to the Digital Account Manager offices it is important to ensure all of YOUR deals are assigned to the Local office.

Step 1 – Access Preferences from your Profile

Step 2 – Select LOCAL as your Default Deal Office

Step 3 – Click “SAVE” in the bottom right of the screen

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