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Monarch - Revenue Types for Outlets - Configuring as a Manager

When forecasting, you want to be as accurate and as detailed as possible. From a manager or salesperson perspective detailed accuracy is key. It can be as big as the difference between meeting budget and not for the month, or as benign as saving a discussion with your manager down the road. We want to ensure your team gets it right from the start by pairing up acceptable Revenue Types with Outlets.

In order to configure the relationship between the Outlets and Revenue Types, as a Manager, the admin will first need to enable the permission for you on your security role. 

Once enabled, the manager may need to wait upwards of 30 minutes for the security change to propagate throughout the system. Depending on browser caching, you may also need to log out of Monarch entirely for the change to show up in the UI.

In order to validate if you can now begin configuring the relationships between Outlets and Revenue Types, navigate to your Profile (accessed by clicking on your name in the upper right) and then clicking on the Preferences tab.

A new section toward the bottom called Set Rev Type For Outlet should now display along with 2 dropdowns. The first allows you to select any Outlet that you have access to, and the 2nd allows you to assign valid Revenue Types to that Outlet for forecasting purposes. 

Keep in mind that this is the same list that the admin can see and, like the changes made by an admin,  all changes are sitewide for all users with access to the modified Outlet.

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