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Monarch - Multi-Stage - Approving Leads - Manager

When someone submits a Lead account for your approval, you must take action on it (either Approve or Reject it).
1. Click Prospecting in your navigation panel.

Note: There is a notification letting you know how many requests are currently waiting for your decision.

To Approve or Reject Leads

-You will see a list of Accounts that are waiting for your decision. 

2. Click the Expansion Arrow to see the Outlets that are being requested.

3. To Accept or Reject, click the appropriate button.

If you Reject:

A message appears, confirming your action.
You will be able to add a note to state the reason why you are rejecting the Lead.
Click the Confirm button.
The Account remains a Lead account.

If you Approve:
A message appears, confirming your action.
The Account is converted to a Prospect account.

Get notified of New Leads needing approval

If you would like to receive an email letting you know that you have received a Lead Request select Profile, then Preferences, then change the Prospect Approval Emails switch from NO to YES.

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