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Monarch - Change the Category or Rev Type on an Account - Manager Access

The data that populates in Matrix, like the Category, Revenue Type or Outlet is what is imported from the source import file. This data likely came from your Traffic System or your Billing System to populate in Matrix. Some of the fields are able to be changed after importing, like the Category and Rev Type.

To change these, you will want to first go to the Account Profile of the Account you need to edit. You can get to the Account Profile by either searching for the Account in the Search bar, or going to Lists from the Menu Bar, clicking Accounts to load your Account List, then clicking on the name of the Account.

From the Account Profile:

  1. Click on the Details Tab
  2. Click on the Edit Account Details button
  3. Click in the Category and / or Rev Types field that needs to be changed.
  4. Start to type in the name of the corrected Category / Rev Type and select the correct name once it appears in the drop down.
  5. Repeat this for any other records.
  6. Click the Save button in the lower right.

To ensure that any future records are correct, please work with your Traffic team on ensuring the coding is corrected in the source system, prior to be loaded into Matrix.

Note: For AE's - You will not be able to edit categories on Billing status accounts, only managers will able to make those modifications on them.

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