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Monarch - Revenue Types for Outlets - Configuring as an Admin

As an admin, navigate to the Maintenance section and set your focus to Outlet maintenance. We will make use of the Standards tab for this workflow where you already can configure things like the Market and Media Type to keep the overhead to a minimum.

You will see a new section “Valid Rev Types for Forecasting”. In this area you will select the Revenue Types that can be used while a salesperson puts together a deal. In this example, we have selected an Outlet, call it WAAA, and have identified the revenue types that can be used on a deal if this Outlet is used. Notice how Digital is not selected for WAAA. If we had selected, then perhaps we would have selected Digital there instead. 

Please note that while the dropdown will tell you how many Revenue Types are currently selected (either by count or by ALL) if you were to add or remove a Revenue Type, the count will not update until the Outlet is selected again after being saved, but the selection will occur. This is a limitation in the Admin’s UI functionality and not a bug.

If you ever need to see all Outlets at a glance, export the Outlets in order to see if specific Revenue Types are tied to any given Outlet. If the field is empty, it means any Revenue Type is acceptable.

Handling for Proposal Integrations

This is ONLY for the WOMS integration for right now. Future proposal integrations are planned, but as of 7/15/2021 WOMS is the only integration supported.

As an Admin, navigate to the Settings page and click on the Integrations tab. Scroll down until you find the Proposal Integration Mapping pod. Our goal here is to tell the integration which Revenue Type to use when an Outlet is imported via the proposal integration since most proposal integrations do not send Revenue Types. 

Default Revenue Type For UnMapped Outlets – This is the Revenue Type that will use if an Outlet comes from the proposal integration that is not yet configured. It’s a great catch all and enables you to not have to configure every Outlet as outlined below.

For all other Outlets that need a specific Revenue Type, click on the Maintain Outlet Revenue Type Mapping button.

Here you can select the Outlet and Revenue Type combinations that you wish to use and then click “+” to add it. Finalize by clicking save. Forgetting to click “+” and only clicking save will result in the combination not being added.

If you attempt to create a combination for an Outlet that already exists, you will receive an error message. Because this is an automated workflow, we cannot offer choices and as such each Outlet can only be related to one Revenue Type for this integration.

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