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Monarch - Wide Orbit Accounts Receiveable

For Matrix customers that utilize the Wide Orbit API, an additional integration is available that will import Accounts Receivable information so that you and your sales team can stay on top of outstanding invoices to ensure timely payment. To get setup with the integration, please reach out to your Matrix Success Manager.

When configuration, the integration will allow for a new Data Card on the Home Page of Monarch. This Data Card will show the amount of dollars that are outstanding in the following time periods:

  1. 31 - 60 Days
  2. 61 - 90 Days
  3. 91 - 120 Days
  4. 120 + Days

Clicking on the individual bars of the graph, will take you to an expanded data card that will show the data for that particular time frame. Clicking on the link in the bottom right of the Data Card, will take you to an expanded view of all the aging records.

The expanded Data Card View will initially show a listing of each invoice that is a part of the time frame that was selected. the view will show the Salesperson, Account, Agency, Station, and the Dollar Amount that is outstanding. Clicking on the Salesperson name, Account Name, Agency Name, or the Station Name will take you to the Profile for each item.

Clicking the Expand button on the far left of each line will provide additional detail for the invoice including; the Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Order Number, Billing Month, and the Dollar Amount.

In the upper right, there is an Export button, that when clicked will download the view to a .csv file format that can then be opened in Excel so that you can work with the data list.

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