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Monarch - Multi-Stage Account Workflow

Account Executives can continue to prospect additional Account Outlets, which have not yet received Billing. Prospecting additional Outlets is possible even if the account has already received Billing for some Outlets.

In the below example, Lindsay Sutton owns “417 Elder Law” and has Billing on the WAAA Outlet, but now wants to claim some additional Outlets.

To begin, click the account name, 417 Elder Law, and you will be directed to the Account Profile page.

To Claim Outlets:

1. On the Account Profile page, click the Request Outlets tab. You will see a list of Outlets, Salesperson, Account Stage, Last Billed, Last/Next Activity, and Priority.

  • Notes: 
    • “Unclaimed” is an Outlet that has never Billed and is not currently a prospect. So they are not owned by another Account Executive. In this example, WBBB and WCCC are selected. These will need no approval after you select Claim.
    • If there is an Outlet that is claimed by another Salesperson on the same Account, it will list their name. In this example, WDDD is an Outlet that Conrad owns. But say for example, what if Conrad is no longer working this Outlet on this Account, then Lindsay can select this Outlet to try and claim it. Her Manager will be able to Approve or Reject based on Conrad's performance with this Account.

2. Check the Outlet(s) that you would like to claim.

3. After selecting the Outlets, click Claim. For Prospect and Billed Outlets the submission will ONLY go to the assigned Manager(s) for this particular Outlet.

Note: If more than 1 manager is assigned to a particular Outlet, then all of them will get an email notification of the Account Request and see the request within their Prospecting navigation on the left. Once any of the managers Approve or Deny the request, it will be removed from (All) the Managers list of “Accounts Requested to be Reassigned”.


1. While in the Account Profile, select the Pencil Icon to Edit the Account.

2. Select OUTLETS Tab

The Account Stage is listed for each Outlet.

Note: To Delete an Outlet that you are no longer Prospecting, check the box on the same line, then click SAVE. You cannot delete Outlets that are Billing.

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