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Monarch - Deals and The Account Profile

The enhanced Account Profile Page includes key Data Cards that will increase visibility into your Account. When you click the name of an account from anywhere in Matrix you will automatically go to that Account's Profile page, which is designed to provide you with all the details you need to know about your accounts in a one-stop-shop.  

Whether reviewing existing details or adding new information, Matrix has designed this profile page to get you the information you want/need when you need it.

  • Summary is a high-level rundown of any touches that have occurred with your account. 
  • Activities will be where you can view notes, meetings, and past/future to-do tasks. 
  • Contacts will allow you to view/add both direct "Account" contacts, and any "Agency" contacts affiliated with this account. 
  • Deals will allow you to access/update both your current and historical opportunities that are exclusive to this client.
  • Revenue provides a breakdown of booked revenue associated with this account, and parse it totals/outlets/rev types/agencies. 
  • Matrix Locker offers an online filling source for any important documents that you'd like to easily access for this account. 
  • Tags help you classify your accounts. You can then filter in your Account list to view these tagged accounts

You have the ability to set up to three data cards within your account profile pages that will bring additional information to the forefront of your view. 

A screenshot of a social media post

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Remember, these data cards are interchangeable, so click the X at the upper right to close the card and then click on the + to setup a new card. In addition, most cards will allow you to drill further into their information by clicking on the card itself.

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