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Monarch - Viewing Preemptive Dollars In Your Forecast (Customized)

Monarch now includes preemption dollars in your forecast! Know what advertiser's business needs you need to meet with our new alert and then decide how you wish to proceed. Give them a call? Move the spot to the next opening in traffic? The choice is yours, but rest assured you will not have to leave your desk or pick up the phone to call the traffic manager in order to figure out whose advertising did not run recently!

Preemptions are viewable in 4 locations within Monarch. Sales Outlook, Weighted Forecast Report, Pacing Report and Alerts.

In Sales Outlook, check the box next to Include % of preemptions in my forecast. Include the % of preemptions you believe will be resolved for the time period you are viewing by changing the percentage in the dropdown arrow in the % field.

Notice a PREEMPTED$ column is added when preemptions has been selected. Your Forecast will now be totaled as (TY + Pending + Preempted = Forecast)

As mentioned earlier you can view preemptions in the Weighted Forecast Report and the Pacing Report.
The following example is the Weighted Forecast Report, but both reports follow the same selection process.
Check the box at the right of Include % of preemptions in my forecast in the Edit Report Options window.

To change the percentage, select the dropdown arrow in the % field.

Also, you can Report in Gross or Net, by changing the Calendar.

Again, you will notice that a PREEMPTED$ column is added when selected. In the report views, the percentage amount is also listed in parenthesis in the column header.
To sort by Preempted select the dropdown arrow in the Sort By field.

Matrix also provides unresolved preemptions in the form of a new Alert, named Current Preemptions.
Create the Alert following the standard process.

You will be able to view a list of each Account, Date, Amount and other important details within the Alert when selected.
To add an Activity on any line, select the Actions button on the far right.

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