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Monarch - Deal Status Report Overview

The Deal Status Report has long been a favorite of our users, particularly managers, that want to understand the deals a salesperson is working on. It’s also one of the earliest reports we did for Monarch and was in need of updates in order to keep up with other reports and features we have built over the last decade. This report will fully replace the original Deal Status Report.

The Deal Status Report can be accessed from the Forecast & Deals tab of the Reports page. 

Configuring the Report 

One of the first upgrades you will encounter with the refresh of the Deal Status Report are new options.

  • Hierarchy Selection - Choose from Accounts, Agencies, Categories, Offices, Sales Stages, and Salespeople
  • Time Controls - Choose from This Month, This Quarter, This Year, Specific Months, and Specific Dates
  • Filters – Drill down to a specific combination of Accounts, Agencies, Categories, Offices, Salespeople, Sales Stages, Outlets, and Revenue Types on deals

Understanding the Chart

The chart displays the number of deals in each Deal Status of Lost, Won, Pending, and Proposed for the top 5 items based upon the sort on the grid

Understanding the Grid

The meat of the report is split into two layers – The hierarchy levels that you have chosen and the Deal level that is always placed at the bottom of the report. For instance if you choose the hierarchy of Salesperson -> Account then you will see the following for the Salesperson and Account levels

  • # Deals – Total number of deals for the hierarchy item being viewed
  • # Lost – Number of deals lost for the hierarchy item being viewed
  • Lost – Dollar amount from lost deals on the hierarchy item being viewed
  • # Won - Number of deals won for the hierarchy item being viewed
  • Won - Dollar amount from won deals on the hierarchy item being viewed
  • # Pending - Number of deals pending for the hierarchy item being viewed
  • Pending - Dollar amount from pending deals on the hierarchy item being viewed
  • # Proposed - Number of deals Proposed for the hierarchy item being viewed
  • Proposed - Dollar amount from proposed deals on the hierarchy item being viewed

The Deal level, which is always at the bottom of any selected hierarchy will display

  • Deal Name – The name of the deal
  • All Remaining Hierarchy items – If a hierarchy item was not used it will display here
  • Deal Weight – the percentage weight of the deal
  • Status – The Deal Status of the Deal as Lost, Won, Pending, or Proposed
  • Stage – the Sales Stage on the deal
  • Est. Close – The date the deal is expected to close
  • Close Date – The date the deal was actually closed. This will be empty on open deals.
  • Days Open – The number of days the deal has been open
  • Amount – the amount on the deal

One of the biggest changes to this report is in the logic on how to display the Lost and Won deals. If a deal is Closed (Lost or Won) it will always be attributed to the person that owned the deal at the time it was won or lost. This is important for when a reassignment occurs and you want to show the interaction with the actual person that did it while ensuring the new owner gets access to the deal but not looking like they won the deal.

Misc Report Interactions

  • Favorites – You can create a favorite of the Deal Status Report so that it can be run with one click in the future as well as allow the report to be viewed from the Home Page as a data card, and roll the time frame forward automatically when Specific Months/Dates are chosen.
  • Exporting – The report can be exported to both CSV (flat) and Excel (Hierarchical) formats
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