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Monarch - Sharing a Report by Email

If you wish to share the favorite report, you can also provide the recipients with a copy of the report via email ONLY if you schedule the report. You can find the additional steps here to set that up before you continue with the steps below.

All users receiving your report will receive a copy according to their own partitions at the time, day, and format previously configured. Additionally, you can email external users the report and they will receive it with the creator's partition.


  • Inactive Recipients will also be removed from the recipient list of emails.
  •  External users MUST have a domain the same as at least one active user in Matrix. For example, if no active users have the as their email address, then you cannot send the report externally to anyone with a email. However if one active user has as a domain in their email address, then you can send emails to

To share a Report by email:

1.From the My Favorites tab of the Reports page, click on the Options icon on the far right 2. Once clicked, a small window will open allowing you to Share or Delete the report. To share, click Share.

3. A Share Report screen will pop up. Use this screen to select the individuals or teams that you would like to share the report with. If you would like to have this report emailed, make sure to check the Email this report to recipients as well

NOTE: When emailing external users. they will receive it with the creator's partition. 

4. Click Save to Share the report.

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