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Monarch - Scheduling a Report

Users can now setup a favorite report to be emailed to you automatically based on a set schedule. Among the features of the Scheduled Reports are:

  • Any day of the week, for set day parts within a day, in .CSV or .XLS format. Simply create a favorite for your Report or modify any existing favorite.
  • Monthly with popular options like First Monday of the Month, Last Friday of the Month, First Day of the Month, Last Day of the Month, Specific Day of the Month.
  • If you schedule multiple Reports for the same time frame (Day of week + time of day) we will send a single email with each of the Reports within it.
  • It should be understood that the time of day is the preferred time of day you wish to receive the Report. 
  • If it is critical that you receive a report at 10:00 AM for a meeting, you might want to schedule it for the time slot prior to the one containing 10:00 AM. 

To setup a Scheduled Report, you will either need to modify a current Favorite Report or create a new one. To do this:

  1. Configure and run the report you want to save as a favorite.
  2. Once the report has run, there is the Favorite icon that will allow you to click on the Star icon to save the report.
  3. After clicking, you will be prompted to save the report as a New Favorite or to Overwrite an Existing Favorite

4. Enter in the details for the report name and the information on the schedule of the report.

Receiving a Report

  • That email will contain a summary of the first 5 rows based upon your sort order and then a link to download the rest of the Report(s) in the format that you requested upon configuration.

If you would like to learn more about the other options when saving a Favorite Report, please see below

  • If you would like to display this report as a Data Card on your Home Page, select Yes. You will then be able to choose this report as one of your Data Cards from your Home Page.
  • Do you want to automatically roll the time frame of the report each month? (This option only shows if you set a Specific Time Frame) If so, please review the following for a better understanding on how this works.
  • If your report uses 'Specific Months' as the timeframe, this option will roll the month at the beginning of each new month. For example, if you created a report in October with the specific date time frame of November, when November 1st comes around the report will automatically roll to December.
  • Another example, when you create a specific time frame of multiple months, when the next month rolls around, the oldest month will drop off and the new month will be added.          
  • Do you want to automatically roll the pacing date daily? (This option only shows if you run a Pacing Report)
  • When using specific dates on the Pacing report for the 'Change Since' and 'Pacing Date', the dates will roll by 1 day, every day so for example you can set a change since two weeks ago if you desire.
  • Do you want to automatically roll the Forecast as of date daily? (This option only shows if you run a Forecast Change Report)
  • This will roll the 'Forecast as of' date by 1 day, every day so you can set this date for 2 or more weeks ago if you desire.                           

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