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Monarch – How to Save a Favorite Report as a Data Card

There are multiple Data Cards that you can select to display on the Home page. These Data Cards are displayed right after you log into Matrix if you set up "Home" as the default Home page. This functionality will create a flow with shortcuts to a favorite Report, provide the ability for a Report to act like a Home page if desired.

Steps to Save a Favorite Report as a Data Card:

1.   Create a Report and then favorite it from any of the standard reports (list of Reports on the bottom of this page). Once the Report has run, there is the favorite icon that will allow you to click on the star icon to save the Report.

2.   An option will appear when creating or editing your favorite, "Display as a Data Card for my Home Page" which you'll want to set to YES. The name of your favorite Report as that will also be the name of the Data Card that can be created.

  • Note - You can also add a Shared Report to Display as a Data Card.
  • If you would like this report emailed to you on a regular bases, select Yes, then enter your time frame and which format.
  • Do you want to automatically roll the time frame of the report each month? (This option only shows if you set a Specific Time Frame) If so, please review the following for a better understanding on how this works.
  • If your report uses 'Specific Months' as the timeframe, this option will roll the month at the beginning of each new month. For example, if you created a report in October with the specific date time frame of November, when November 1st comes around the report will automatically roll to December.
  • Another example, when you create a specific time frame of multiple months, when the next month rolls around, the oldest month will drop off and the new month will be added.          
  • Do you want to automatically roll the pacing date daily? (This option only shows if you run a Pacing Report)
  • When using specific dates on the Pacing report for the 'Change Since' and 'Pacing Date', the dates will roll by 1 day, every day so for example you can set a change since two weeks ago if you desire.
  • Do you want to automatically roll the Forecast as of date daily? (This option only shows if you run a Forecast Change Report)
  • This will roll the 'Forecast as of' date by 1 day, every day so you can set this date for 2 or more weeks ago if you desire.

3.   Now that you have your favorite Report created, head back to the Home page and add a new Data Card. To add a new Data Card please click on the plus sign (+)

4.   You will see a new option "Favorite Report" that once selected will allow you to pick from any of the Reports that you favorited and indicated that you might want to use as a Data Card.

5.   Select one of those Reports and it will immediately load in as a Data Card with a miniature visualization of the chart from that Report. This Report is your favorite Report. It's not a clone or a separate Report. It will maintain all the hierarchies, filters, and settings that you setup the favorite to have.

6.     From here you can setup more favorite Reports as Data Cards, or you could click through on the Data Card that you just created in order to view the full Report without the need to go to the Reports page and run it separately.

NOTE: If you modify the Report in ANY way (new hierarchy, filter change, etc.) then you are NO LONGER working from the favorite and NO LONGER working with the Data Card expanded view. You are now working on a new Report. You can still create or overwrite a favorite and thus update that original Data Card from this location.

      1. This also goes for any time you modify the Report outside of the Data Card workflow and update the favorite. Your Data Card will automatically inherit that new information on the next load.
      2. Likewise, if you delete the favorite or disable the ability for the favorite to be a Data Card, it will be removed on next load.

If you do not modify anything, then you can treat the Report just like an expanded view of any other Data Card.

      1. Collapse the Data Card and go back to the dashboard view.
      2. Click the heart icon and set it as your Home page expanded view.

This applies to the following Reports:

New Activity Report, Forecast Change Report, Forecast Report, Market-Office Top Down Forecast Report, Top Down Forecast Report, Budget Report, Budget with Last Year Comparison Report, Churn Account Report, Inactive Report, Multi Year Sales History Report, Pacing Report, Ranking Report, Revenue Summary Report.

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