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Monarch - Account Growth Analysis Report

The Account Growth Analysis report allows you to look at four different monetary categories that provide insight into returning business, non-returning business, and business that has either returned at a greater or lesser amount.

On the Options screen, you will be presented with the below options to build your report.

Hierarchy - You may select Accounts, Salespeople, Media Types, and Outlets

Select Quarters - Select quarters for This Year, Next Year, Last Year, or Custom

Compare Each Quarter To - Choose previous quarter or the the same quarter in the previous year

Run Button - once all options have been selected, clicking the Run button will run the report

Columns defined:

New Business Differential - Compares business that was <=$0 in the comparison period but is > $0 now 

    Example: Q220 = $0, Q221 = $500

Non-Returning Revenue Differential - Shows revenue that is $0 now but was > $0 in the comparison period

    Example: Q220 = $500, Q221 = $0, non-returning will show as -$500

Returning Lower Differential - Shows revenue that is returning but at a lower amount than the comparison period

    Example : Q220 = $500, Q221 = $300, returning but lower will show as -$200

Returning Higher Differential - Shows revenue returning at a higher amount than in the comparison period

     Example : Q220 = $500, Q221 = $800, returning but higher = $300

Total Differential - Shows the overall revenue difference between the current and comparison periods 

     Example : Q220 = $500, Q221 = $900, will show revenue up by $400

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