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Monarch - Account Growth Report

The Account Growth report allows you to compare the Forecast and Classification count between two time periods. 

On the Options screen, you will be presented with the below options to build your report.

Hierarchy - You may select Accounts, Salespeople, Media Types, and Outlets

Select Quarter and Select Quarter to compare - Compares a chosen quarter to the same quarter of the previous year

Show count by - Option to calculate the counts either by Account or Outlet

Show forecast as - Option to showed booked dollars only

Run Button - Once all options have been selected, clicking the Run button will run the report

Example - How the “Counts either by Account or Outlet” works: (This Account is not in the above screen shot)

Account            Salesperson  Outlet   Classification

150 Boat Sales, Ryan Moore, WAAA  GROW

150 Boat Sales, Ryan Moore, WBBB   GROW

150 Boat Sales, Ryan Moore, WCCC   GET

Cinema Center, Ryan Moore, WAAA  GROW

Cinema Center, Ryan Moore, WBBB   GROW

If you show by Account - The grand total row would be GROW = 2, GET = 1 as it shows for the unique selections (GET GROW KEEP CHURN) within an Account/Salesperson.  

If you choose to show by Outlet - The grand total row would be Grow = 4, Get = 1 as it shows for each separate.

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