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Monarch - Activity Impact Report Overview

The new Activity Impact Report provides an easy way for you to see how your activities have impacted revenue across time.

To create the Activities Report, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Please navigate to Reports on the menu bar
  2. Click the Activities tab
  3. Click Activity Impact Report link

On the Options screen, you will be presented with the below options to build your report.

  1. Hierarchy Selection - in this drop-down you can select the attribute(s) that are to be on the report
  2. Activity Types - in this drop-down you can select your Activity Types (Call, C.N.A,, Presentation, etc.) Note - If you select 2 or more Activity Types, you can set a Calculation in your Hierarchy to determine the % difference(s).
  3. Calendar - in this dropdown you can select your calendar type. Your default calendar is selected by default
  4. For Activities Time Frame - in this drop-down you can select what time frame the report will utilize
  5. For Financial Information Time Frame - in this drop-down you can select what time frame the report will utilize. Having this allows you to not only compare the same month to the Activities Time Frame, but as an example you can compare Activities 3 months ago and how they might be impacting your Forecast for the current month
  6. Roll Up Results By - in this drop-down you can select how to roll up the results of the report by a lump sum, Qtr. or by month
  7. Budget Type - Select drop-down to choose Bottom Up or Top Down
  8. Include Pitched Projects as part of my forecast - Toggle On if you would like to include Pitched project dollars as part of the forecast calculation
  9. Roll Up Activity Sub Types Into Main Type - (This only applies if you have Sub Types) Toggle On if you would like to roll up your Sub Types to your Main Activity Types
  10. Run Button - once all options have been selected, clicking the Run button will run the report

  1. Show Option - clicking this button will show the Options and Filters dialog to edit the report and allow you to re-run the report
  2. Download - in the drop-down a user can select to export the data in either a .csv format or Microsoft Excel format. Clicking the icon next to the drop down will download the report in the selected format
  3. Favorite Icon - clicking the Star icon will allow you to save the report has a favorite. You can also Schedule a Report to be emailed to your inbox. Once saved as a favorite, the report can be shared or emailed to other users. 
  4. Times Frames - the information that you set for your time frames
  5. Report Data-  the table at the bottom of the screen is the data from the report. The report is formatted so that the hierarchy is on the far left, followed by the following columns:
    1. Activity Type - This will list the Activity Type you selected. In this example, Call was selected
    2. Budget - The amount of dollars budgeted for the selected Budget Type (Bottom-Up or Top-Down) in the time frame selected
    3. Booked - The amount of dollars booked for the time frame selected
    4. Actual to Budget % - Calculation of ((Booked) / (Budget))
    5. Pending - The amount of dollars on Open-Pending Deals for the time frame selected
    6. Forecast - Calculation of ((Billed TY) + (Pending)) 
    7. Forecast to Budget % - Calculation of ((Forecast) / (Budget))


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