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Monarch - Inactive Report Overview

The Inactive Report provides an easy way for you to see how much you, your team, or your entire enterprise are missing out on previously spending Accounts.

To create the Inactive Report, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Please navigate to Reports on the menu bar.
  2. Click the Revenue tab.
  3. Click Inactive Report link.

On the Options screen, you will be presented with the below options to build your report.

  1. Hierarchy Selection - in this drop-down you may select the attribute(s) that are to be on the report
  2. Calendar Selection - in this drop-down you may select what calendar type the report will utilize
  3. Show Me Accounts That Have Not Billed Since Selection - in this drop-down you may pick a date where the last month where accounts stopped spending. This date is inclusive and will be included in the results.
  4. Show Me Their Total Spending in the Previous Selection - in this drop-down you may select the time frame how big of an opportunity might be missing over a short- or long-term period
  5. Run Button - once all options have been selected, clicking the Run button will run the report

Clicking the Filters tab will allow you to select or not select various data points or groups within the report.

Once the report is run, the screen will display the report based on the Options and Filters selected. A view like the below will appear.

  1. Show Option - clicking this button will show the Options and Filters dialog to edit the report and allow you to re-run the report
  2. Hide Chart - clicking this button will remove the chart from the view
  3. Chart Field - the report will display a line chart showing the trending over the time frame that was selected
  4. Favorite Icon - clicking the Star icon will allow you to save the report has a favorite. Once saved as a favorite, the report can be shared to other users
  5. Download - in the drop-down a user can select to export the data in either a .csv format or Microsoft Excel format. Clicking the icon next to the drop down will download the report in the selected format
  6. Report Data - the table at the bottom of the screen is the data from the report. The Inactive Report is formatted so that the hierarchy is on the far left, followed by a columns for:
    1. Last Billed Month - The last month that has billing for the row
    2. Total Inactive $ - The total amount of dollars spent in the months leading up to the Last Billed Month as defined by the Show me their total spending in the previous configuration

Note:  This report calculates Inactive dollars by Outlet. An Account may continue to be spending with you to this day, but will appear on this report inactive by Outlet if it stop spending on an Outlet that it previously placed advertising on. With that, we recommend that you place Outlet within your hierarchy in order to make it clearer why the Accounts returning are there. Salesperson > Account > Outlet makes for a great report for Sales Managers!

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