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Monarch - Account and Agency Maintenance Reporting

This functionality is broken down into two separate areas. The Report that shows Account and Agency Maintenance (Grouping, Merging, Renaming, Ungrouping, and Unmerging) geared toward a manager as well as a Bell Notification to Notify Users on Account and Agency Maintenance geared toward salespeople.

This report can be found from the Misc Reports tab and showcases maintenance performed on Accounts and Agencies over time. 
-Click on the link to launch the report and configure your view.
-You only option is to change the time frame between Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, or to specify a date range.
-There are also filters for Salespeople, Markets, and Outlets that you may be familiar with from other reports.
-Click Run to run the report after making your configuration decisions.

A chart exists at the top of the page showing you the ratio of actions against each other such as Merging and Renaming (often two of the most common actions!). 

The grid breaks down these action by day before again breaking down the action by type (Account or Agency). The end result is a quick way to see what type of maintenance occurred each day to your Accounts and Agencies and what the result was prior to and after that action was taken.

The report is designed to show you the progression of changes to Accounts and Agencies. For example, if Account1 is renamed to Account2 on July 27, and then Account 2 is merged to Account3 on July 28 then you will see each of these actions on their respective days. However, only Account3 will have an active link to an Account Profile page as that is the current name of the Account.

Finally, this report can be saved as a favorite and with that come the usual functionality of being able to add this as a data card on the home page and sharing the report with others once it has been created.

Notify Users on Account and Agency Maintenance
Salespeople may desire a more active notification that one of their Accounts and Agencies have a new name. We’ve added a new notification to the bell icon located in the upper right of every page that will trigger only for the Accounts and Agencies that you own. 

By default this notification will be on for all users. 

When the notification fires off in the bell notification it will look like the first option in this list with a gavel icon letting you know how many accounts or agencies have new names dure to maintenance in the last 7 days. 

If you don’t care to look, simply click the checkmark icon and we won’t notify you of these changes again until a new Account or Agency has a new name.

If you wish to see which Account or Agencies we’re notifying you on, click through on the name to see which have been modified, the reason why, and when the change took place.

Just a reminder that you need to own these Accounts and Agencies, or you will not see results on this alert. Often, managers own less accounts than salespeople so this notification may not be as useful to a manager as it is a seller for that reason. We encourage you to run the report instead and see changes made to Accounts and Agencies across your entire team. 

Please note: There will be differences between the “Notify User on Account & Agency Maintenance” Notification and the “Account and Agency Maintenance Report” 
The notification will only show Account and Agency Renames and Merges for Accounts or Agencies that you own.
    -This is geared towards Account Executives. 

The report will show Account and Agency Renames, Merges and Groupings for Accounts or Agencies. 
    -This is geared towards Managers and will show all changes based on your Team.

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