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Monarch – Top Down Forecast and Market-Office Top Down Forecast Report (Customized)

As a manager you need to adjust the forecast roll up to corporate. This report allows you to view your Forecast compared to the Top Down Budgets.

Please follow the below steps to ensure accurate, useful forecasting information. 


The Top Down Budget Attributes (Outlet – Office – Rev Type) must match your Top Down Forecast Attributes (Outlet – Office – Rev Type) to ensure accuracy for Digital, Local, National & Political. You can find your TopDown Forecast (Formerly known Forecast Adjustment) on the Navigation Pane on the left side under “TOPDOWN FORECAST”.

Enter in your forecast number into each month. No more calculations or negative numbers! For example, if your Salespeople are saying it’s going to be $2 million in June for Digital, but really you think it’s going to be $1.75 million then you simply just need to enter in $1.75 million in June for Digital.

There should only be four total budget rows for each Outlet matching the below Offices and Rev Types.

When you click on each month, you can see how your forecast compares to the TopDown Budget Values and the Bottom Up Forecast Values. You can view the Total by Quarter as well as view the Grand Total for the entire calendar year. Below numbers are for illustration only and do not represent real totals.


Review Market-Office Top Down Forecast Report

This report is located under Forecasting & Deals Reports.

Run the Market-Office Top Down Forecast Report by Market, Outlet, Office and Rev Types + This Quarter & Monthly Roll Up to see where your Weighted forecast (TY Booked + Weighted Pending) currently stands. 

If you would like to easily re-run the report with just one click, then save it as a favorite by selecting the star in the upper right hand corner.

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